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We are Scorpions Soccer Club

We are here to inspire the passionate players of today, so that through education and dedication, we will develop world class people and players of tomorrow! Through our knowledgable licensed staff, competitive culture and unique player development methodology, each Scorpions member is provided the platform to excel and reach any goals they such desire.

Scorpions SC is honored and very fortunate to be able to provide some of the best competition within the North East by competing locally within the NEP, while also having the privilege to be a member of the Nationally recognized and number one youth female development league in the world, the ECNL. These levels of competition ensure proper development and opportunity for all Scorpions players to obtain whichever level they are willing to work for ! 


Scorpions Soccer Club inspires a soccer culture that remains true to our long standing tradition of developing talented and hard working players oft he highest quality, both on and off the field. We will aim to raise the level of each member and team, by embracing a supportive yet competitive culture that will push the boundaries of each Scorpions potential. Scorpions Soccer staff and players will continue to provide the upmost pride and honor every time we step onto the field. 



Treat every opposing player, referee, team and club with respect. Treat our own players, parents and coaches with respect. All decisions, both sporting and non-sporting, will be guided by integrity and honesty. 



Ingrain quality skill, tactical sense, competitiveness and sportsmanship in every player. Develop a reputation as a respected high quality soccer club as well as a worthy opponent. Play with dignity and tenacity. Emphasize mental toughness, determination,discipline and character. 

Aiming to provide motivated players with the highest quality of coaching and team support in order to give them exposure at the highest level of competition. This, in essence, will provide Scorpions Soccer players the highest exposure regarding future collegiate opporutnities. 

Maintain an enjoyable, positive and satisfying club atmosphere. Be creative and innovative in the continuing development of our club. Keep our players safe and healthy

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