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As one of the longest serving elite soccer clubs in the Massachusetts, Scorpions Soccer has established a proven pathway for all players looking to take their game to the next level ! 

Scorpions are one of two clubs in Massachusetts that provides four (5) different levels of competition for its members. Scorpion's top teams compete within the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), our second teams play in the Elite Clubs Regional League (ECRL), while our regional teams currently compete in the selective groups of New England Club Soccer League (NECSL) top of our player developnent pyramid affords us access into United Womens Soccer (UWS) . 


Why Join Scorpions Soccer Club ? 


- High Level of Resources and Exposure for our Players


- High Level of Play for all age groups 


- Long Standing Successful Reputation since 1998


- Experienced and Dedicated Coaching Staff 


- Places High Emphasis on Youth Development 


Scorpion Soccer Club has a clear direction in the way in which we develop players, organize our teams and encourage our members. We pride ourselves in developing TOTAL soccer players who possess the Scorpion's Three C's :

Cognition - Ability to perceive, conceive and assess soccer situations.

Competence - Developing a players ability on the ball / movement without the ball while understanding the teams principles / positional / system of play. 

Character - The driving force behind helping to develop positive, respectful, ambitious, dedicated and resilient young men and woman. 

If you are interested in joining Scorpion's Soccer, please contact your Regional Director to arrange an assessment day and find out more information. 

Scorpions East Region

Fred Marks

Robbie Schallmo

Scorpions Metrowest Region


Taylor Boyle

Correy Couch

Scorpions South Region 

Nick Rugnetta 



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480 Rochdale Street
Auburn, MA 01501

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