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Scorpions Are Back ! 

FC Boston Scorpion Families,

Below is an announcement from the FC Boston president and the FC Boston Board of Directors regarding a decision to split the girls and boys sides of FC Boston into two separate entities.

The girls side of the club will revert back to its original name prior to the merger, Scorpions Soccer Club.

There were various philosophical disagreements among board members regarding the best ways to manage the future of the club and the board members tended to split along lines of boys versus girls.

The anticipated synergy of the original merge of Scorpions and Bolts didn't materialize as we had originally hoped, so in light of that a decision was made to reverse the merger.

In a practical sense the boys and girls have been operating separately for some time now. Little to nothing should change. Coaches, facilities, league access all of that will remain the same.

One beneficial aspect of this decision is that those of us who work daily for the betterment of Scorpions Soccer Club will now be able to more expeditiously make changes and improvements.

The Scorpion Staff is excited about the opportunities that are now in front of us and will continue to work effortlessly in providing a positive experience for our members!

We wish the Bolts great success.

Myself and all of our staff are available to answer any questions you may have. We will keep in frequent contact this week and next.


Fred Marks 


Below message is from FC Boston President, Jonathan Price

February 14, 2018

Dear Parents and Players of FC Boston,

On behalf of the FC Boston Board of Directors, I am writing to share an important announcement regarding our Club.

The two member clubs of FC Boston, the Boston Bolts and the Scorpions Soccer Club have mutually agreed to separate into two individual and unrelated business entities. 

Both clubs will continue forward as separate and independent organizations from this point forward. The decision to separate was due to philosophical and strategic differences. In order for each organization to grow and prosper based on their strengths, The FC Boston Board felt it is in the best interest of both to partways.

The GIRLS will step forward as The Scorpions SC and continue under the leadership of Fred Marks.

The BOYS will step forward as The Boston Bolts and continue under the leadership of Brian Ainscough.

Please rest assured that there will be no change in the daily operations and that the players in each organization will see no impact to their teams, coaches, practices, games, leagues or tournaments. On a more practical note, all the teams will continue to wear their same uniforms through the end of the spring season.

You will be receiving further information from your respective club leadership pertaining to their specific plans and goals moving forward.

As a Board, we have enjoyed working with these two dynamic clubs, and we wish both organizations tremendous success going forward, both on and off the field!


Jonathan Price 

FC Boston President