Scorpions Methodology

Scorpions Methodology


Scorpions Soccer Club inspires our players to develop within the 4C's of our Player Development Platform.  Players are provided age appropriate projects that help them develop proper Character, Competence, Cognition and Commitment to the game. 


A players ability to approach trainings, games and at home training with the ever evolving Attitude, Effort and Focus to reach the next level of their development. Furthermore, regardless of the result of a situation or game, their intentions and behaviors to continue to learn and grow are always evident in their approach. At Scorpions, we believe these are the 5 elements you can always control on and off the field, which is why we hold them in such a high regards within our Culture. 


The technical components of a players development with a ball at their feet. Your ability to master the ball is paramount to your next progression of mastering your movement / combination play within your position. From there, Scorpions provides Universal Principles of Play that are tailored to efficiently support each teams dynamic System of Play. 


One of the most overlooked areas of development is the lack of cognitive approach most programs place on player development. At Scorpions, we pride ourselves in developing the intellectual part of the game that aids a players speed of play from a technical, tactical, mental and physical component. Most players are developed to "Receive - Look - Decide - Play" before receiving the ball. Our players are trained to "Look - Decide - Receive - Play". 


Finally, a players commitment to their own development is what separates them from their peers. Training twice a week with your team and playing once on a weekend will help your development, but it is what you do the other 3-4 days a week that really allows you to make significant jumps in your ability levels. Being a student of the game, watching professional teams on weekends, while putting in your own individual work to become better, is what ultimately defines your destination as a soccer player ! 

Scorpions Style of Play - PDF

Scorpions Style of Play - PDF

Scorpions Style of Play - PDF

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