Scorpions Goalkeeping

The Scorpions Girls Goalkeeping Program focuses on developing girl goalkeepers from Youth-U18. The purpose of our program is to provide our goalkeepers with position specific training with an increased technical, tactical, physical and psychological focus. Emphasis will be placed on developing good fundamentals and preparation for the demands of the goalkeeper position.


Our mission is to treat every goalkeeper as a specialist on the field and provide the skills they need to achieve to their highest potential in a rewarding, age specific and competitive environment.


Our Training Curriculum is built to fit any goalkeeper of any age and ability. From the beginner to the advanced goalkeeper, it will challenge each and every goalkeeper to exceed and excel beyond their own expectations, and help each individual become and well-rounded and polished goalkeeper.


- Stance/ Set Position

- Footwork

- Handling/Catching

- Angle Play and Positioning

- Low and Mid-range

Collapse Dives

- Breakaways

- Crosses/ Wing Play

- Full Extension Diving

- Distribution and Back Passes

- Boxing/ Parrying- Full Extension Diving

- Distribution and Back Passes

- Boxing/ Parrying

















- Willing to Play Goal

- Competitiveness

- Self Confidence

- Bravery

- Unflappable




-Decision Making

















- Explosive Power + Jumping

- Athleticism

-Anaerobic Fitness

-Aerobic Fitness


-Balance and Coordination

-Speed and Flexibility




-Upper/Lower Body Strength















-Appropriate Angle Play

-Solid Decision making

-Game Reading Ability

-Organization of Team

                  Defensive Setups

                  Set Pieces

                  Counter Attacks

- Smart Distribution 


Tactical Positioning on:



                  -Wide Angle Play

                  -Keeper Sweeper

Tactical Positioning on:



                  -Wide Angle Play























For more information or questions regarding our specialized goalkeeping program contact Goalkeeping Director; Darren Burke at