Scorpions ODP: Online Development Program

Created by the dedicated, Intended for the Passionate


Scorpions SC is always looking for new ways to inspire players to become better than they were yesterday. We aim to motivate our players everyday we step onto the field. However, we do understand that its becoming increasingly difficult to master the game by only training a few days per week within a team setting. Nevertheless, these are aspects out of our control and we only like to focus on the things we can control ! 


Technical development and ball mastery is something that, with proper focus and determination, can be achieved and even mastered at home without the supervision of any coach. All you ever need is a ball, maybe a wall and some cones to truly master the technical side of the game. First touch, combination dribbling, ball mastery, coordination, foot speed, confidence, flair, creativity and composure are all attainable by forming a more impactful relationship between you and the ball.  


We understand that although no coach is needed, we do believe a proper structure and goal setting are great ways to gauge your progress throughout your journey. Below we have identified five (5) levels to begin our online development program. Progress from one level to the next and see how far you can take your game ! 


Tip: Just because you attend a practice, doesn't mean you've mastered the game of soccer. Same applies here. Completing a level doesn't mean you have mastered that technique so, we advise that each time you step out to train, that you begin with level one and not move forward until you have mastered those skills prior to your desired level. 

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