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The Scorpions East Region is the original home of the Scorpions Soccer Club.  Practicing and playing games out of the Braintree and Weymouth area we also regularly use facilities in Canton and Hanover.  

Our East Region develops players and  teams to play in the New England Premiership (NEP) . The NEP has divisions of teams from under 9 (born 2012) to Under 18. Clubs from Massachusetts and bordering states participate in NEP but most games are pretty local.   

Scorpions has been predominantly girls over the years but the East Region is looking to change that.  We were able to add two 2012 boys teams to the NEP spring 2021 season.  Get in touch with Fred or Robbie if you have interest in that.  We are going to make it cost effective for our families to get it started. 

Fred Marks   781-831-0904

Robbie Schallmo 781-690-4045


Our teams practice 2-3x per week during (and just prior to) the spring and fall seasons.  We also train in the winter from early January to March.  There is more informal training in the summer.  

The NEP fall season includes teams from U9 to U14. It traditionally starts the Sunday after Labor Day.  U15 and older teams play HS soccer in the fall.  In the spring all teams Under 9 to Under 18 play.  Spring play traditionally starts in early to mid April.

Usually 2-3 tournaments are included with your child's player fee.  Labor Day, Scorpion Bowl (April) and Memorial Day are traditional.  

There are multiple different levels of play in the NEP, depending on a team's ability.  We place our teams in divisions where they will be challenged to improve but also be successful.  

The level of activity is not consistent for the entire year; December and June/July in particular are a little less active than the other parts of the year.


Due to a history of team success and player development Scorpions are members of the Elite Club National League (ECNL).  The ECNL is prestigious. It is indisputably the highest level of youth soccer play in the United States. Approximately 80 clubs in the US have membership in this platform.  The ECNL is the primary recruiting ground for colleges and universities.  

ECNL teams are created with the stronger players from the Scorpions 3 Regions (East, Metro West and South).  The Scorpions East Region has been a primary contributor of players to the ECNL teams.  ECNL teams roster about 20 players.  ECNL youngest age group is U12.  Players who are chosen to represent Scorpions in the ECNL either completely leave their former East team or play with them occasionally.  

There are only three clubs in New England that have been granted membership in the ECNL. 


Scorpions have a free 'Junior Academy' program*.  Players 4-8 years old attend training to develop their skill base, decision making and competitiveness.  

Hundreds of players have gone from the Scorpions East Junior Academy to play in college programs, many on full scholarship.  UCLA, UMiami, Harvard, Maryland, Yale, Coastal Carolina, Princeton, Brown, Boston College, Boston University etc. etc.. 

One Scorpions Academy player was the captain of NCAA Champion UCLA.  Many Scorpions Academy players have played for United States Youth National teams, two have played for the full US Women's National team. They are currently on the US Women's National Team preparing for the Olympics. One was a starting center midfielder on the 2019 World Cup Champion USA team. She started with us at 7.   

It is a fact that the large majority of youth players do not get helpful training when young. Add to that when players start playing at 4 or 5 years old (too young to grasp proper instruction even if someone is giving it to them) they develop bad kicking (and other) habits that require players to have to unlearn and then re-learn proper skills.  If your child looks awkward (off balance when kicking, cant kick the ball cleanly e.g.) we can fix them. 

All players are accepted.  Nobody is 'cut'.  A fun environment is the norm.  We will push them to improve (particularly Fred!) but do it nicely. 


For the last few years all Scorpion East teams have been co-coached by Fred Marks, Robbie Schallmo and Matt Schallmo.  At times one of the coaches will take a lead role with a particular team but for most it's a group coaching effort. 

Fred is the original founder of Scorpions in 1998.  Fred is known for repetitiveness leading to skillfulness. Fred also focuses on proper decision making.  

Robbie is a young coach with very good playing experience.  Robbie is extremely well liked by both players and parents and tends to make training fun. 

Matt is Robbie's younger brother.  Matt is brilliant with young players, has a good understanding of the game and like Robbie, makes soccer fun.   


Tryouts are in June but  you can join at any time. Get in touch with one of the East coaches to ask how, but basically this is how...  If you are a Junior it's easy.  Join whenever.  If your child is in an age group U9 or older we will have you work out with a team and add you to an appropriate team.  If your child 'isnt ready' for team play they can join our developmental group and we can get them there. They can also join a team as a developmental player and get placed on the team roster when they are 'ready'. 

East Region Staff

Fred Marks Regional Director
Robbie Schallmo Regional Director
Matt Schallmo Staff Coach


East Region Teams

Team Name Coach  Email
2012/13 East Girls Navy Robbie Schallmo & Fred Marks

2011 East Girls Navy Robbie Schallmo & Fred Marks

2011 East Girls Green

Robbie Schallmo & Fred Marks

2010 East Girls Navy

Robbie Schallmo & Fred Marks

2006 East Girls Navy

Robbie Schallmo & Fred Marks

2006/07 East Girls Green

Matt Schallmo

2002/03 East Girls Navy

Robbie Schallmo & Fred Marks

We're looking to add players to the following teams:

2013/14 Girls East Navy

2012 East Green

2010 East Navy

If you're intersted in playing for one of our teams please reach out to Robbie Schallmo or Fred Marks and they will invite you out to a team training. 

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