Scorpions Announce Partnership with FC United for 2020/21 !

Scorpions Announce Partnership with FC United for 2020/21 !
Scorpions Soccer Club couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with FC United for the 2020/2021 Season! FC United has a long standing tradition of cultivating a passionate and talented player base and together, with the underlying support of Scorpions Soccer Club, we believe that we can further provide the opportunities necessary for its members by enhancing the vision set forth by Gerry Padilla and his loyal staff at FC United. 
Evan Burokas, Co Director at Scorpions Soccer Club stated that "FC United has always been a home for me during a very important development period in my career as a footballer and thanks to people like Gerry, Ahmad Boura and Eric Ernst, the club has provided me with the knowledge, resources, and most importantly the passion to fulfill my dreams as player at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. I am extremely honored and thrilled to collaborate with those families at FC United and I truly believe that together, we will be able to provide an experience for players and families alike to be proud of!” 
Scorpions Soccer Club has been a long standing prestigious Massachusetts soccer club since 1998. We aim to develop passionate, hard working, technically gifted players who embrace a supportive yet competitive culture that will push the boundaries of each players potential. Through our knowledgable licensed staff, competitive culture and unique player development methodology, each Scorpions member is provided the platform to excel and reach any goals they such desire. Scorpions SC is honored and very fortunate to be able to provide some of the best competition within the North East by competing locally within the NEP, while also having the privilege to be a member of the Nationally recognized and number one youth female development league in the world, the ECNL. These levels of competition ensure proper development and opportunity for all Scorpions players to obtain whichever level they are capable of.  
Nick Rugnetta, Co Director at Scorpions Soccer Club stated that, "We are so happy to join forces with a club full of tradition and culture like FC United. Like Scorpions, FC United has been a staple in Massachusetts club soccer for many, many years. Separately we have built two of the most successful and longest serving clubs in the area. Together we will help move the game forward for our current players as well as future Scorpions in the MetroWest and Central Mass Regions. We can’t wait to get started and know the future is very bright together! Go Scorpions!" 

The soccer landscape in Massachusetts has constantly changed over the years and is becoming harder to navigate with each passing year.Fortunately, Scorpions has always been at the forefront of that adaptation and provided for its members to ensure our vision, values and mission remain intact. Through our organized club structure, dedicated coaching staff and competitive yet fun club culture, we have always been able to adapt and deliver a quality experience for our families for the last 20 + years. 

In the end, what we aim to provide here through this partnership is the continuation of talented players pools that work hand in hand with the dedicated staff of FC United. The platform and resources of Scorpions Soccer Club will continue to fulfill and enhance the opportunities to its members and families within an organized and professional framework. Through this established collaboration, we will be able to offer more stablity for our players in the short term, while building upon the ongoing project to deliver exciting and passionate footballers for years to come!